Wednesday, May 4, 2011

 Sometimes when I post many pictures, I have to wonder if there is a conspirator that is trying to keep me from doing so.  It took me literally days to maneuver these around where I wanted them, and even then one won't do what I want.  I gave up...
We have been blessed with a good morel mushroom season this year.  Last year was a total bust with not even one teaser to taste.  This year we have enjoyed many meals of these spring delicacies dipped in egg and cracker crumbs and fried in pure butter.  The area cardiologists are going to stay in business! 
On this day, we hiked appoximately 5 miles.  I wish that they were easier to spot, but they are often covered with leaf debris.  My husband has an unbelievable eye for them, spotting them when only a speck of the spongy part is visible.  Amazing!  He says it adds to the joy of finding them
My youngest daughter, Lauren, my husband, Bill and one of our dogs, Riley. 
See the toad?  He was the greenest toad that I had ever seen.  I am used to the gray variety that populate our yard.  The tree trunk was just interesting.  :)
The river is still pretty high.  It is slowly going down and will be ready for kayaking soon.
Lauren always likes to play in the water!

I seemed to have much better luck at finding inedible fungus.  Perhaps some of these are edible, but I don't know.  Therefore, they remain classified as inedibles to me.  I would sometime like to explore more wild mushrooms.  They make for interesting pictures anyway.  
We also found lots of ticks!  We are still picking them off of Riley.  They were more plentiful than the mushrooms!

Heading home with our bounty.  Riley at the heels of his best bud, Lauren. 


Katie said...

Gasp! Grass PLUS a whole bunch of morel mushrooms! You're killing me!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

nothing better than fresh mushrooms! The auction in Mattoon actually was selling some!

Peggy said...

Ann, I am curious as to how much those mushrooms were selling for. I have heard $20-$30 a pound is the going rate.