Thursday, September 4, 2008

Farmer's Market

Tonight is Farmer's Market downtown. We currently are up to 1.81 inches of rain and it is still coming down steadily. I don't think anyone will be there...
I was talking with Bill the other day about enlarging our garden and participating in the Farmer's Market next year. Poor guy probably groans everytime I bring up enlarging our garden. Like there's not enough to do! I know that I would love the opportunity to talk with other gardeners and the people that come to buy fresh foods. The atmosphere would be great!
I read an awesome article in a recent Guideposts magazine article that was very inspirational. I'm sure that there are kitchens in this area that would love to have excess garden veggies too.
Maybe the garden will get bigger after all....

Rainy day

Today is not a good day to be in the garden, but it is a good day for the garden. The remnants of Hurricane Gustav have arrived in Illinois and as of 1 pm, we have had 1.18 inches of rain. This certainly helps make up for a dry August. The rain has been nice and steady. No horrible downpours. Just what we need!
My hummingbird does not seem to mind, he is taking in food from the feeder throughout the rain. Maybe he likes it too!