Saturday, May 14, 2011

MORE tomatoes.....

Well, I have created a record in our house for tomato planting.  I have successfully planted 48 tomato plants.  Yes, you read that right...48!  I am hoping for some great canned tomatoes, salsa, and sauces this fall.  I may be cursing myself for doing so by fall...forget may be, make that WILL be....but they will sure taste good this winter.
We are getting a nice steady shower today that will get them well watered in and off to a good start.
Bill bought some marigolds for me to plant around them.  I like to companion plant as much as possible, but the marigolds also lend some color to an otherwise green only color scheme as well as being a deterrent to nematodes and other pests.  I would also like to plant some basil in with them.  It reportedly improves the growth and flavor of the tomatoes.

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jen said...

Wow that's a lot of tomatoes.I live in Virginia and are finally have to get golf ball size tomatoes on our plants already.

We have a bunch of other different vegies and a few melons as well as well, like you we try to keep it chemical free.

I'm in zone 7 and enjoy equally planting and growing potatoes.

Good luck with all those tomatoes!