Monday, May 16, 2011

Mid-May frost??

The forecast tonight is for clear skies and a low of 35* with patchy frost.  Our average last frost is usually the end of April and planting tomatoes after Mother's Day is generally safe.  Key words here....average, usually, and generally.  I cannot remember ever having to cover my tomato plants in all the years I have been gardening.  Today will be a first.  All of those milk jugs that I have saved and cut the bottoms out of and stacked...okay, so some weren't stacked so my potting shed are being put to use.  I hope that it works!  I kind of wonder if it didn't get a bit chilly last night because the leaves on the tomatoes were a bit spotty today.  Almost as if they had been wind burned although they have been hardened off and out in the sun for awhile.  We have had some pretty fierce and chilly winds though....more like March.
 It rained steadily all weekend, so I wasn't able to plant my marigolds around my tomatoes.  The bunnies seem to find them tasty though.  It isn't very well seen in this picture, but my husband has brought out the fake owl.  I have some extra plants of the Roma tomatoes that I can replace with, but hate for them just to become an extra snack.  Cat hair and cayenne pepper are coming out soon...
 My other tomato beds.  These two raised beds are outside my main garden as well.  Anyone that feels insecure about posting pics with weeds?  Feel insecure no more...I have weeds for all!  We haven't gotten around to papering and strawing our pathways this year....and it shows.  Oh well, if I had a perfect garden, something else in my life would have to give.  It's all about balance, right?  :)


Matthew Williams said...

Love your tomato struggle blog. Beats all the boring surfing ones. Anyway you should try growing things in a pokey cold Edinburgh. Tomatoes need green houses here.

Peggy said...

Thanks! I can't imagine living somewhere with no tomatoes in the summer time.