Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spouting seeds

The seeds are sprouting very well. Yes, they do look crowded, but I purposely planted them like that. Once they get a set or two of true leaves, I will transplant them into their own cups. I really wasn't sure how well they would germinate.  The alyssum sprouted very quickly.  I am definitely a fan of heat mats.
 Pictured above are alyssum, broccoli and several varieties of tomatoes.
 Above-Various tomatoes, broccoli and a couple pepperoncini plants just starting to emerge. Note the leaning broccoli.  They were on the edge of the flat and leaning toward the light.  I keep the florescents directly over the flats, but the plants on the edge have to be rotated to the middle to keep them happy.  It doesn't take long at all for them to start their lean.
 There is a story to this set of cells.  I was moving the cells that had sprouted out of the covered flats so they could get air and this group dumped upside down like a slice of buttered bread.  I was sick!  There were so many varieties of tomatoes in here and no way to tell what was what.  I salvaged the seedlings that I could and just scooped the soil back into the container, replanted the seedlings, and hoping for the best.  My beloved Black Krim tomatoes were in this bunch.  Note the markers all bunched together.  These seedlings could be any of these types of tomato.  If they make it, I will have a surprise.
 Sweet William sprouts
Coleus and one salvia sprout. 

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Rachel Neil said...

I didn't do any seedlings this year as we don't have the room to put them.
but I'm envious of you with your trays of seedlings. I can't wait to start gardening once the snow is all gone.