Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's growing on?

(L) Bulbs that I planted years ago and now can't remember the name of.  (R)  Butterfly bush starting to leaf out 
 The lilacs are starting to leaf out as well and showing the beginnings of flowers.  Can't wait...they smell awesome. 

 Eastern Redbud...easily my favorite springtime tree.  The flowers come before there are even leaves on the tree and will cover it with pink blooms.
(L) Another shot of the redbud.  (R) Peach tree leaf bud. 
Top left, Sweet Autumn Clematis  Top right, asparagus
Bottom left, Peony   Bottom right, Lungwort
Apple tree bud 
 Daffodils  :)
(L) Viburnum  (R) Hosta - seems pretty early for it to be poking its leaves out so far in March

More pics to come....I am having trouble with getting my pics to post as well as arrange.  :(

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