Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seed Starting Sunday

With just six weeks until Mother's Day, I got busy starting seeds today.  Our last frost is around the end of April to the beginning of May depending on what source you look at. 
For me, there is nothing quite like being in the shed playing in the dirt.  I can get lost for hours out there.  Somewhat like I did today...  It is therapeutic for me to be out there with nothing but me, dirt and seeds.  My husband always tells me that when I am in my shed that I "glow".  It just makes me happy. 
I am trying to use up all of the old seed that I have.  Some of the seed that I used is from 2006.  The only new seed that I planted today was a pepperoncini pepper.  I didn't have any of those.  I have a bad habit on not being able to throw seed away.  I have a pepper seed that was sent to me as a freebie that has never germinated for me yet I continue to try every year.  Inevitably, I plant enough seed that does germinate that causes another quandry....the inability to throw away a green plant.  I love to be able to give away my extra plants.  I have had many people tell me that I should sell my seedlings, and I just cannot do it.  Another thing that makes me happy.... 
I am about as messy of a gardener as I am a cook. That means I'm good right?

 I look at these tiny tomato seeds and it amazes me every time that this one little seed has the potential to grow into a plant that will produce multiple tomatoes and grow as tall or taller than me. 
My first flat on the heat mat and going under the lights.  Once they germinate and get a couple sets of leaves, I will pot them up in separate pots.  Since I am using old seed, I'm not sure what my germination rate will be, so I overseeded.  I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised.  I had to cut my popsicle stick labels in half in order to get the plastic cover on the flat.  So much for looking pretty. 
To the right is my lettuce that I have been growing.

Seeds planted today:
   Pink Brandywine
   Gold Medal
   Huge Yellow Oxheart
   Black Krim
   German Pink
   Amish Paste
   Black Cherry
   Yellow Pear
   Crnkovic Yugoslavian
   Italian Heirloom
   Jelly Bean hybrid
   Viva Italia
   Big Dipper
   California Wonder
   Golden Marconi
   Sweet Chocolate
   Yellow Star Hot
   Romanesco Italia
   Green Goliath
   Italian Parsley
   Alyssum - white and purple
   Early Sunrise Coreopsis
   Mixed Hollyhock
   Mixed Sweet William
   Salvia - Blue Bedder Sage


Katie said...

Mmmmmmm....good Midwestern dirt. I wish I could get my hands in it!

T2Nashville said...

What, no basil??

Peggy said...

Basil is coming....just not yet. I will start it in a couple weeks. Grows fast. :)