Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's growing on?

I took a walk around the yard today to see what was emerging from it's winter rest.  It was in the high 20's while I was out.   At this time of year, a week can make such a difference in what the landscape looks like....that and a few warm days with sunshine.  I like to wait to take the leaf cover off because of the extremes that March can bring so the flower beds still look a little grungy. 
Crocus getting ready to bloom soon
Daffodils....the yellow is so vibrant when they bloom that I can see them when I turn onto my road.
Onion chives
Now everyone can see my worst flower bed....this is one that is getting a total overhaul this spring.  Too crowded and too weedy last year.  The surprise (resurrection) lillies and what I call roadside lillies (the orange ones) are really starting to grow.
Peony buds
Lilac buds....these grow along almost the length of our lot line.  When they bloom, the fragrance is incredible.
Maple tree flowering....I hope the neighbors weren't looking when I took this one.  I had to climb and stand up on the LP gas tank to get close enough.  

Top left, Shasta right, grape hyacinth
Bottom left, daylillies....bottom right, columbine

Soon, this will be a mass of bright red tulip blooms


Robin said...

Looks good! Hey I know your neighbor..they already know how crazy you are!

Peggy said...

Yes they do... :) Crazy enough to climb LP tanks and lay on the cold ground just to get "that picture".. :)

T2Nashville said...

It's in the 70's all week here! While you're gardening, I'll be out walking and biking. To each his own! Your home will be much prettier than mine, but my scale will make me happy. LOL!