Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feels like spring

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside.  I spent the day working in the up dog deposits from over the winter, cutting back asparagus fronds, ornamental grasses, butterfly bush, and various other perennials.  The sun was out for a better part of the day.  The neighborhood seemed to come alive with the warmer weather.  Boys playing basketball, the sound of a tiller opening up the winter crusted earth, and kids playing.  There were also breaks from the work to visit and catch up on the neighborhood happenings.  I even got a blueberry cobbler!

Upper left is my asparagus bed prior to cutting it back.  The cattle panel fencing is leaned up against that chain link fence to keep the dogs from walking in the bed.  Small nubs of asparagus are starting to come up.  The upper right is one of my ornamental grasses prior to being cut back to the ground and the bed cleaned up.  The grasses that aren't so close to the house usually get burned back.  It is so much easier and quicker.
While I was was working in the asparagus bed, I noticed quite a few earthworms.

There is still so much more work that needs to be done, but it sure felt good to get a start on it anyway.

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T2Nashville said...

Hey, a pic of the blueberry cobbler would have been nice, too! LOL!