Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

My messy potting area.  I pot plants about as neatly as I cook, but I have been told that I am a good cook, so how about a messy gardener is a good gardener?  :)
My seedlings under the lights.  I have repurposed a lot of yogurt containers this year.  The bottom row in the picture on the left are my many, many tomato plants.  Not all of my varieties germinated this year, but what did grew well.  The picture on the right are the tomatoes.  They look small, but when I pot them up into bigger containers, I plant them deep which encourages a better root system.  They will be bigger again in no time.
 I usually don't leave my seedlings on the heat mat once they have germinated, but the peppers seem to be growing so slowly that I thought a little extra heat might be helpful.  The temperature in my shed is low to mid 60's so it can't hurt.
The lilacs are starting to bloom.  We are fortunate to have a hedge of lilac across most of the back of our property.  The scent in the spring is awesome.  The rule of thumb around here is that when the lilacs bloom, the morel mushrooms are also out.  We haven't mushroom hunted yet this year, but people are starting to find them.  Yum!

The maple tree is full of seeds this year....all I see are all the baby maples sprouting in the flower beds.  :(


Annie's Granny said...

What a neat potting area! I usually end up doing mine at the kitchen sink, and yes, I make just as big a mess!

Our growing season must be similar, at least this year. My lilacs are in full bud right now even though I'm in zone 7. And one thing I don't miss about the big maple tree that used to be in our back yard, are the whirly-bird seeds and little trees growing everywhere. I still have to do battle with all the volunteer walnut trees, thanks to the squirrels and my neighbor's two large trees.

Katie said...

Morel mushrooms--you're killing me!

Tammy said...

I got my basil and cilantro planted this past weekend. Basil looks good - still hoping for the cilantro to sprout. My first time growing it from seed. We shall see!