Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Potting "up"

It has been a crazy time around this house for the past month or so, and I feel like my time in the potting shed is so limited.  I was able to get out there for a bit on Sunday and transplanted my pepper seedlings and some of my tomatoes into bigger pots AKA potting up. 
Many of the peppers did not sprout which was disappointing.  I do have Sweet Chocolate, Big Dipper, and Pepperoncini plants though.  The tomatoes are doing very well.  I am thinking of selling some of the plants this year since I have so many.  I have never sold any of my plants before.  I love being able to share them with friends and family.  I believe that I might be able to sell them to strangers though.  A bit of extra spending money...  :)
I didn't get my Sunday growing and blooming picture updates taken either.  I guess that I will just have to say I missed a week.  It wasn't for lack of thought and wanting to....just a lack of time to do it justice.
Hang in there...more pics will come soon. 

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