Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weed killing and infestation update

Yesterday commenced the first grass moving of the year.  When you have two hounds that daily "fertilize" your backyard, things tend to get a bit clumpy out there.  :)  I also broke my own rule about non organic weed killers and fertilizers this year.  My husband goes so far as to personally cut out dandelions as they appear.  We usually just aerate and overseed as needed.  Over the years, the crabgrass and clover has gotten WAY out of hand!  Walk in our yard and you run a high risk of getting stung by all the busy bees gathering pollen from the clover flowers.  Well, this year I am taking action.  Bill applied the crabgrass killer....sorry earthworms....and the weed killer is coming next.  The downfall to all of this is that once we kill the bad stuff, there will be a lot of bare areas that will need to be seeded and will not be able to for quite a period of time.  This will be a challenge because weeds love to grow on bare areas of soil!
I checked my seedlings this morning and the infestation seems to be better and the plants are looking much healthier.  Thank goodness...I was getting worried. 

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