Monday, April 11, 2011

Seedling update and spring blooms

Ah....spring is certainly here.  Even if there is a chance of a rain/snow mix Friday night. 
I heard a frog "singing" outside my dining room window last evening.  The frogs always make me think spring.

Toward the end of this winter, I started to have problems with an infestation of my Gerbera daisies.  I thought that I had that problem under control.  Seems that I was wrong.  I went to check on my seedlings tonight and found that my little seedlings were literally being sucked dry.  The tomatoes were wilting.  I am very protective of my seedlings since I grow varieties that I cannot find at the neighborhood nursery and losing seedlings corresponds to losing a harvest.  I sprayed them with my Ortho spray and now am hoping for the best.

The warm temperatures of the last couple days have really caused things to bud, blossom, and grow. 
(L) Maple seeds AKA helicopters :)  (R) Cherry blossom

(L) More cherry blossoms - I'll bet the birds can hardly wait!  I hope to outsmart them.  (R) Spider on PJM Rhododendron

(L) The peony on east side of house is sprouting much slower than the one on the south side.  This one was from a friend and is supposed to have pink flowers.  My south side peony is knee high now and will have white blooms.  (R)  Peach blossom.  This is the first year that our two peach trees have bloomed.  I am hoping for peaches this year.

(L)  Additional peach blossoms  (R) Lilacs

Tulips - they seem to have much smaller flowers this year.  They also appear to have been frost bitten as pictured on the left.

Grape hyacinths - these always remind me of our dear neighbors from the first house that we lived in when we first got married.  They grew these.  I think of Ken and Edna everytime I see these.
Dwarf Fothergilla - their blooms resemble a bottle brush

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