Saturday, April 30, 2011

And the hardening off begins....

 I started hardening off my plants today.  I have put them on the east facing porch of the house.  It is terribly windy here today, but I think that they will be okay.  They don't seem to be getting blown around too much.
The 5 flats on the right are all tomatoes.  I have given some away already.  I usually plant 40 plants, have reserved some for a neighbor, and think that the rest will probably go out on a table in the front yard for sale.
This is my "mystery" flat.  When these were just starting to germinate, I tipped the container over, and ended up with a heap of dirt and seeds and no way of telling what plants and seeds were which.  My prized Black Krims were in this mess.  I just dumped everything back into the pot, replanted the four plants that had sprouted, and hoped for the best.  They did well.  Any guesses as to which is which?  The choices are:  Black Krim, Amish Paste, Juliet, Jelly Bean, and Marcellino.  Unfortunately, they all look the same.  :)

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~Holly~ said...

Wow! Lots of seedlings!