Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring fever

Spring fever has hit central IL.  Funny how it gets around 40* in the winter, and everyone thinks it is warm.  :)  It is just the opposite in the fall...we think we are freezing at that temperature.  Today the forecast is calling for 47* and mostly sunny with temps rising to 61* by Friday.  It is hard to believe that not quite two weeks ago we were experiencing a blizzard with 12 inches of snow!  Even with the warmer weather and the melting snow, everything is still covered in a blanket of white.  I had a dream that my chives were sprouting the other night.  Let the gardening dreams begin.
The lettuce seeds have not yet sprouted.  They should take 10-14 days, so I have up to another week to go.  I keep checking for that little bit of green....

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Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I am so happy to have some warm weather this week! makes me want to work outside....but the snow will have to melt. I think next weekend I might find a daffodil trying to peek through!