Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The snow has ended.  The latest total that I saw for our area was 12 inches.  I need to go out there and measure for myself, but at the same time thinking how accurate would it even be with all of the wind?

The driveway after Bill and I shoveled.  One of the few times that I could rationalize a need for a snowblower.  My back is telling me that we need one...  I see the potential for snowforts here.  The plow has not come through yet and this picture of the end of the driveway gives a good indication of the amount of snow we have.    
The picture on the left is out the back porch.  Now our beagle can make it out to potty.  Always a good thing!  The picture on the right is from my front door.  Lots of snow!! 
Snow drift coming off of the roof in back of the house.  Lauren couldn't wait to smack it.  :)  Our a/c is almost completely obscured by the snow. 
My queen of the mountain and Riley.  
The birds at least have some water that isn't frozen to drink and a view of the snowy garden. 


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We would still be digging out from that much snow! Good grief!