Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First set of blizzard pics

Well, the snow started to fall here around 11 am.  By 5 pm, Lauren and I had been outside scooping the driveway and playing in the snow and measured between 5 and 6 inches.  It was hard to tell how much snow we really had with the wind blowing it around so much.  I saw that we were having gusts up to 50 mph.  The latest forecast is saying that the snow is at a bit of a lull with the expectation that it and the winds will pick back up with 10-14 more inches of snow tonight!  :)  Saw (and heard) some thundersnow tonight which caused quite a stir on facebook.  Lightning is just so much more....well, light....when there is snow on the ground.

I mentioned that Lauren and I went out to play in the snow this afternoon.  I think that I was as excited as she was!  Above is a picture of the beginnings of a snow fort.  The snow is very fluffy and did not pack well at all.  I think she was just happy to have someone play outside with her.  She made a snow angel in the back of Bill's truck also.  :)  Below are the two of us in our wet headed snow glory.  

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T2Nashville said...

Wow, you guys really are buried! I'm glad you could enjoy it, though. Lauren looks to be having a wonderful time - almost as great a time as her Mom!