Monday, April 21, 2008

Start of raised bed planting

Well, the planting in raised beds has started! Bless my husband's heart, he moved quite a bit of compost and soil for me so that I could get some plants going. I sure hope that this method of gardening pans out well. We are really hoping for the benefit of no/less weeds as well as less compaction of soil.
Yesterday I planted Candy onion plants, super sweet onion sets, and red onion sets. There is so much to plant already. I was a bit under the weather yesterday with respiratory crud, that I did not have the "umph" to get much accomplished. There is a slight chance of rain tonight and tomorrow.
Good night.

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Dan said...

I love the raised beds. It's a great way to save on cultivating and tilling, but the bordering can be a little tedious. Keep in mind that direct sunlight will compact the soil. If you're planting small stuff you'll need to keep the soil covered. Peat moss works well for me. I have used lawn clippings in the past; it puts a lot of nitrogen back in the soil, but beware germinating grass! If you get a few they're easy to pull up. Can't wait to see how the beds turn out. God bless,