Saturday, April 19, 2008

Raised beds and etc.

Three of my new raised beds went out today. Now I just have to get them filled up with both dirt and plants! I hope that this works well. I am really hoping to not have to till the soil and be able to keep it less compacted this way. It was a dreary day here today with rain and drizzle. Tomorrow promises to be nicer with warmer temps and sunny skies. That will help dry the soil so that I can start working in the garden and move some soil.

Lots of birds out today. I was able to get a couple pics of the chickadees. A cardinal was chewing out one of the other birds in the lilacs. I was hoping that it was going to try and nest. I try to keep out plenty of food even in the summer as well as water to keep them around and happy.

Here is a picture of the robin outside my window where my computer is. The blue jays have been bothering them as they build a nest. One robin was being extremely careful. He (or was it a she??) was watching all around with a mouth full of nesting material. It was as if he did not want anyone seeing where the nest is. I guess you have to be secretive when there are so many predators!

Here is a picture of what my oldest daughter calls her Dad's "man cave". I think that it would make a heck of a garden shed. What do you think? :) I am hoping for great things out of this shed!


STIHL Man said...

I've never seen a bird feeder like the one you have. That's a really neat idea!I'll have to look into building one like that some day. :-)

Peggy said...

My husband built it for me. I had been wanting a platform/fly through feeder. I love it and so do the birds!

justicegardens said...

stumbled across your blog.
Your raised beds look about the same size as my own. I've moved toward square foot gardening b/c I hate tilling the soil so much. Using compost, vermiculite, & peat moss makes for a great mix. Good luck!