Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Well, I did not get any gardening accomplished today. Slept in too late, missed church, and the rest of the day went after that. We did go to Wal Mart and I got some more potting soil, small dixie cups, and 16 oz. cups. Many of my seedlings are ready to pot up into other containers which is why I got the 16 oz. cups. I am running low on small dixies, so I got 200 more of those. I saw a blog the other day that was saying how much they liked using the wood form that makes the newspaper pots. That would certainly be more environmentally friendly.
Back to work tomorrow. Hopefully I will have some time to work in the shed a little. The temps are supposed to start warming back up and be around 70 by Wednesday.
I am trying to talk my husband into making a raised bed type of garden this year instead of regular rows. He is not in favor of the idea. He wanted to know how he would till the beds. I told him that the idea would be that after a period of time, the soil would not have to be worked like that anymore and would not get compacted. Maybe I can just start with a couple beds this year. :)

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