Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting more seeds planted

Tonight I got quite a few seeds planted in my shed. I am later than usual getting them going, but better late than never...

Here is a listing of the seeds that I started tonight:

Vegetables -
Red Lightning - 2
Jelly bean - 2
Roma - 15 (I like to can these!)
Caspian pink - 2
Marcellino - 1
Yellow Pear - 1
Early big red - 2
California wonder - 2
False alarm hybrid - 2
Jalapeno - 1
Sweet Long - 2
Broccoli - 15 I forgot to write down the variety. I will have to add it later.
Red rubin - 2
Purple ruffles - 2
Delphinium Pacific Giants - 5
English daisy - 7
Alyssum - 10

These are all under the lights and on the warming pad. Some of the seeds are one to two years old, so I did over plant each of my cups. I like to start my seeds in small dixie cups with 3 holes in the bottom that I make with a woodburning tool. My great grandmother used to start her seeds in dixie cups that she would make holes in the bottom with a hot nail. This is my way of continuing her legacy.

I tried using jiffy mix this year for the first time, so I will need to pot up a little earlier than I usually do. In the past, I have used a potting mix from the start with good results. I thought that I would try something different this year.

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