Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's garden work

Tonight Bill and I worked in the garden. The weather was so nice! We were able to turn the air off in the house, and the temps outside were great. There was enough breeze until sunset to keep the gnats away too.
I planted more tomatoes...yellow pear, red lightning, roma, jelly bean, and marcellino. I figured that I now have 48 plants. I figured that whatever we don't eat or can, I will take to work. There are plenty of people that are always willing to have free produce. No salmonella here!
We also planted sugar baby pumpkins that are supposed to be good for canning. Bill is hoping for canned pumpkin and pumpkin butter. We planted two plants; we'll see what happens.
The green beans, wax beans and Jack Be Little pumpkins are starting to sprout. No sign of the Baby Boo pumpkins, gourds or zucchini or squash yet. I am hoping that they will come up. I over planted the seed hoping that even though it was old seed, they would come up.
I picked the first red raspberry of the season yesterday. It was so delicious. The seeds almost melted in my mouth. I hope that the rest of them will taste as good. This will be the first year that we have picked them. Last year was the first year for them. Our wild raspberry on the fence is starting to turn red too. Earlier than the others.
The strawberries are on their way out. There are still a fair amount of berries that are almost ready but once those are done, that will be all for the season.
The fruit tree are still doing well also. Our Honeycrisp apple looks like a straight stick with no leaves. There are really no out branches. Maybe next year.
Good night and garden dreams!

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