Monday, April 13, 2009

Water well and return

I did what any other seed starting gardener would have done...panicked!! Why, you ask? At the thought of going away on vacation and leaving my seedlings at risk of certain death! I have done this before, but it is much like raising children (how close the analogy is), no one can care for them as well as you can. Ultimately, you come home to dead or half dead plants or ones that are screaming to be pulled out of their watery graves.

This year we were only going to be gone for four days, so I took a chance and watered extra well prior to leaving. Alas, when we came home, my seedlings looked as if I had never left. They did need a drink, but all are still doing well.

I am now in the process of hardening off my broccoli and onions. The weather is quite cool today in the low 40's.

I checked my lettuce, beets, peas, spinach and radishes today. It appears that the mesclun and white radishes are peeping out of the soil. I am anxious to see more!

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