Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where are the crocuses?

My crocuses are nowhere to be found so far this year. I was thinking that they are usually up by now. I have them in three different spots, and there is nothing in any area. The squirrells could not have gotten them in two of the spots for sure. There is now change in the grass in the area they are planted.

While I was out looking, I did notice some other growth starting on the south side of the house by the foundation. Surprise lilies and daylilies are coming up and some iris are greening. I also found a peony bud.

Peony bud
Surprise lilies


Garden Shed said...

Peggy what are crocuses? I plant lots of different bulbs but have never heard of these.

Peggy said...

Crocuses are one of my first bulbs to come up in the spring. They have a grass like foliage and different colors of flower. If you go to, and type in crocus, you will find a variety of information about them. They are probably one of my favorites.