Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More seeds in the mail

My next seed delivery came yesterday and today. I received an second delivery from Seed Savers Exchange (somehow I ordered 2 packets of Sheboygan tomatoes!), Bountiful Gardens, and Baker Creek Seeds. Baker Creek even sent a trial seed packet of Yellow Star hot pepper.
This delivery included the following:
Bountiful Gardens:
Southport Red Globe onion seed
Early Summer Yellow Crookneck summer squash
Seed Savers Exchange
Australian Brown Onion seed
Parade cucumber
Sheboygan tomato
German Pink tomato
Crnkovic Yugoslavian tomato
Gold Medal tomato
A&C Pickling cucumber
Italian heirloom tomato
Baker Creek
Huge Lemon Oxheart tomato
White Hailstone radish
Golden Marconi pepper
Sweet Chocolate pepper
Romanesco Italia broccoli
Yellow Star hot pepper (free seed!)

1 comment:

Sheds said...

I noticed you had listed some Australian Brown Onion seeds. Their is nothing better than brown onion mixed in with a tossed salad.