Sunday, March 15, 2009

More seeds planted

Today's plantings:

6 Golden Marconi peppers
22 Impatients - Flavours hyb. mix
33 Impatients - Butterfly hyb. mix
9 Gerbera daisies - mix
9 Geraniums - Paint Box mix
9 Delphinium - Pacific Giants "Summer Skies"
6 Salvia - Blue Bedder Sage
9 Dianthus - Siberian blues (Hardy pinks)

I wonder why it is that I always feel the need to plant SO many seeds! I have planted a total of 78 pepper plants!! I may have to sell them or give them away. I know that I will use allof the impatients. I have a lot of old seed for perennials and veggies that I am trying to use up. I may have to get another shelf for lights.

Yesterday was very nice for outdoor work with today promising to be in the low 60's. My neighbors were bitten by the spring bug and taking leaves off their garden beds. I am waiting a couple more weeks. March is far too fickle!

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