Friday, February 27, 2009

First mail order seeds

My first delivery of mail order seeds came today from Seed Savers Exchange. I am excited more and more every day to get into the garden! The lettuces look yummy. All are open pollinated varieties. I see some colorful salads in our future!

The following are the descriptions of the lettuces, pepper, and the tomato:

Mascara - One of the most beautiful in SSE’s collection of 1,024 lettuces. Curly frilled oakleaf-shaped leaves retain dark red color in hot weather. Nice mild flavor. Bolt resistance. Looseleaf, 65 days.

Yugoslavian red - Red-tinged leaves form somewhat loose heads that can measure up to 12" across. Cutting the head in half exposes solidgreen interior leaves and an almost white center. Excellent mild flavor. Butterhead, 55 days.

Forellenschuss - Our perennial favorite, hard to find an all around better lettuce. Austrian heirloom that translates literally as “trout, self-enclosing” meaning it’s a speckled romaine. Gorgeous romaine lettuce with medium green leaves and splotches of maroon. Superior flavor. Holds very well in the summer heat. Romaine, 55 days.

Buran pepper - Extremely sweet and productive Polish heirloom. Great flavor! Medium-sized plants grow 18-24" tall. Fruits are 3-lobed and measure 4" long by 3" at the shoulders. Fruits are almost equally sweet when either green or red. Sure to be a favorite. 90 days from transplant. SWEET

Sheboygan tomato - NEW! Grown since the early 1900s by Lithuanian immigrants in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Pink paste type fruits have excellent flavor and weigh 4–6 ounce. Excellent yields, great for canning. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant. CERTIFIED ORGANIC

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