Thursday, May 29, 2008

Working in the garden

Tonight Bill and I worked in the garden (I also got in a little over the fence neighborly chat!). We weeded the onions, planted more radishes, planted cucumbers, and strawed the paths between my raised beds. I put batteries on my shopping list so that I can get my camera out and get some pictures.
We put up a cattle panel along the back edge of one of the raised beds for vining plants. It worked great! Our beds are 16 ft. long and the panel is the same length.
When we were done in the garden, we both just sat back and admired it. I love a garden in spring.
We put more root stimulator on the fruit trees. Our new Honeycrisp apple tree is budding out very nicely. They look so pathetic when they are shipped as a bareroot tall twig!
I think that we will be camping this weekend, so there will not be any garden work this weekend.

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