Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where is the heat??

This has to be one of the chilliest months of May that I can remember! This afternoon it was only in the 40's. My garden is usually planted 2 weeks ago and going great. I think I am just going to bite the bullet and plant this week. Hopefully some of the warmer days will cancel out these cool nights. Tell that to my peppers and tomatoes!
Actually, it has been so busy around here, that I have not gardened much at all anyway. I think that it would be great to get my hands in the dirt though. It is such great therapy for me. Seeds and plants generally do well with very few disappointments.
As soon as I get everything planted, I will have to post pictures again. I know that I will want to plant more than I have room for; I always do. Gardening in the spring is so much more fun than a worn out fall garden that is spent for the year.
One advantage to this cool weather is that the spring blooms are lasting much longer than they usually seem to. It has been pretty.

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