Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another transplanting

I am currently working on the last transplanting, or potting up, of my tomato seedlings.  Last night I transplanted around 90 plants...and I am not done. 
This has caused me to reflect on a couple things. 
1.  I need another shelving unit with lights.
2.  I need more containers
3.  Going on vacation during all this may or may not be a good idea.  This remains to be determined.  Hopefully they will still be alive when I return.
4.  I LOVE playing in the dirt and can get lost for hours gardening.


Stephanie said...

Hello Peggy, how are you? The remaining little seedlings ok so far? Love to watch them grow :-) Cheers, Stephanie

Peggy said...

Hi, Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by!!