Saturday, July 7, 2012

Garden update

I had known prior to the growing season even starting that this was not going to be a big year for the garden.  So far, I have been surprised that as much is in the garden as there is.  What there is was planted later than usual, but we will just enjoy the harvest a little later.
The heat wave we have been experiencing is supposed to break tomorrow.  Now to break the drought...

Tomatoes.  These had been damaged by our previous hail storm but so far so good.  

Section of Roma tomatoes.  The blue tarp is in place to heat the soil underneath and kill the grass that keeps trying to grow there.  The goal is to add more raised beds in that area.

Baby Romas

Our greyhound, China.  She could easily walk over the fence, but tends to not.
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Casa Mariposa said...

At first, I thought the tarp was a pool and thought sticking a pool in the veggie garden was so cool and new. But I really like the idea of sticking more veggies in the veggie garden, too. :o) Your tomatoes look like they've survived the hail storm well. Hooray!

Peggy said...

The hail knocked the tops out of many of the tomatoes, but they care back very well. No pool in the garden, but a pond sounds like a neat idea. :)