Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend out and about

Mackinaw River.  I drive over this bridge every day that I go to town.  I enjoy the change of the seasons that I see here.  An angry, raging, muddy river in spring, a lush green landscape that calls me to my kayak in the summer, the colors of autumn and a lazy river in fall, a frozen, snow covered trees and ground with an ice covered river in winter.
The above two shots were taken not long after sunrise.
Autumn leaves in a watery grave...still showing their beautiful colors.

My youngest daughter, Lauren, walking the river.  She is drawn to the water just like her Momma.

Looking for shells.  She said that she doesn't like the river as much when the creatures of the water aren't there.  She is always asking questions that I have no answers for.  Today, "Where do the clams go in winter, Mom?" and "What happens to the frogs in winter?"  I need in my head.
Two of my favorite people.  My youngest and my husband.  My oldest felt that hanging out with friends was more fun.  Teenagers...  :)
A different area of the same river.  On the way home for the day.
Yet another stop over the river.  It is a very winding river with many bridge crossings.
Where do you go?  Where do you end up?
Great colors at a roadside ditch.
My father-in-law being a good sport while we were stopping today.
More autumn color on a gray day.
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charlie b. said...

Lovely photos! Looks much the same around here in Michigan... most of the leaves are down now. I'm loving this mild spell, but they say it's coming to an end today.

Peggy said...

Thanks, Charlie! I am looking forward to snow and taking snow pics.

wonderful said...

Wow, so beautiful.Hope to see the nice snow pics.