Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Surprise carrots

We had a bit of a surprise in the garden this past weekend.  Lauren had helped me pick carrots this summer, and had trouble getting "a couple" of them out of the ground because the tops were breaking off.  I didn't think much of a "couple" carrots being left.  We had picked quite a few. 
Fast forward to this past weeknend.  Lauren asked her Dad if she could pick the carrots that she had left in the ground.  Sure...why not?  My goodness!  This was more than a "couple" carrots!  I was shocked.
This is what they pulled.  They are some of the strangest looking carrots.  I am not sure what would have caused them to grow such bulbous ends.
Lauren with her baby carrots.

A couple of examples of some of the more odd shapes we found that day.
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Katie said...

How cool is that?!?!