Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday's harvest

We are still on a raspberry and pea pod stretch here.
10 1/2 oz of red raspberries to add to my yogurt.  The Japanese beetles are still around, but doing only minimal damage to the leaves.  The fruit is untouched, so I have left them alone.  We have a lot of crop dusting in our area unfortunately, and while driving on the highway it sounds like rain hitting your car with all of the beetles hitting it.  Yuck!  The only good thing is that they are dead beetles!
11 oz. of freshly blanched pea pods...minus the pods that made it to my tummy prior to the photo.  These are going into the freezer for future stir fries.


HolleyGarden said...

Your raspberries look delicious! Oh, I would make jam in a heartbeat!

Matt S. said...

These look perfect! I'm glad to see that someone is getting good, fresh berries in this hot summer. Keep up the good blogging!