Friday, July 15, 2011


Just when I was starting to think that I had planted mutant broccoli or had a serious soil nutrient deficiency, I finally have gotten some broccoli!  I harvested 3 plants for a total of 1.7 lbs.  I looked back through my blog, and I planted my plants on May 1st.  The harvest time is 60-80 days from setting out plants, so actually I was doing okay.  Next year, I need to get my plants out earlier.  A very crazy spring work schedule delayed that this year.  With it being so hot now, as well as very dry, I may not get much more.  Perhaps I can start some more plants and get a fall crop.....there's a thought.  :)

Our faithful prowler of the yard, Riley.  :)  He needed photo credit as well since he came out with me to pick the broccoli.


Annie's Granny said...

The broccoli looks terrific.....Riley looks adorable :-D

Tony said...

Hi Peggy, Your broccoli looks nice and looks more than 1.7 lbs. You said that you planted the broccoli May 1st. Here in Pittsburgh that is early, But yes you can plant more in the fall. Broccoli like the cooler weather than hot, because if its too hot it turns to flower too fast. So you did a great job.