Thursday, January 29, 2009

Robins and skunks

I saw my first robin today walking into work. It was trying very hard to eat a crabapple. Spring is on it's way! I must say that I am really enjoying the winter this year though. It has been staying cold enough for the snow to stick around. I don't mind winter when there is snow. However, if it is just cold and no snow, that is a different story altogether!
I have also seen my third skunk. The first two were dead on the road, and the third one almost got killed on our way home tonight. Glad we missed!! They must be coming out of hibernation. It seems really early though. I did some checking online, and stated that In northern parts of their range the animals sleep through much of the winter, but they do not truly hibernate and may emerge during warm spells. I think their thermometers are broken because this is not a warm spell!

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