Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pre Spring Prep

Winter has been so mild here.  It is supposed to be in the 50's this week here in Illinois.  Hard to think of it as a January thaw when it seems we haven't even really been frozen yet!  We did receive a 2-3" snowfall this weekend.  It was a pretty icy snow and started to melt the very next day.
Seed starting will begin shortly so I took advantage of the weekend to start cleanup of my potting shed.  So much to do!  First of all, Charlotte and her babies had set up shop and had to be sucked up by the vacuum.  I am amazed at how quickly spiders make a home.  A summer and fall of in and out, drop and run had made for a disarray in the shed.  One day I will learn...maybe. 

The to do list continues to grow:
  • catalog remaining seed so I can determine my order for this year
  • all dirty seed starting containers and trays need to be cleaned...this is something that I definitely need to start doing in the fall.  It is too chilly out to be washing dirty containers outdoors and I don't want all of that dirt going down my drains in the house.
  • check and replace flourescent bulbs for seed starting
  • figure out what containers I want to plant outside and what I want to plant in them...preferably before sending off my seed order.  I want to start more flowers from seed this year.

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