Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seed starting

Well, I finally got the lead out and started seeds today. Here is the listing of what I started today:

2 - Black Cherry
2 - Gold Medal
1 - Lemon Oxheart
5 - German Pink
5 - Yugoslavian
5- Italian Heirloom
2 - Viva Italia
10 - Roma
1 - Pink Brandywine
5 - Black Krim
1 - Jelly Bean
1 - Yellow Pear

2 - California Wonder
2 - Big Dipper
2 - Golden Marconi
1 - Sweet Long
2 - Buran
1 - Jalapeno
1 - Yellow Star Hot
2 - Sweet Chocolate

10 - Viola
10 - White alyssum
10 - Purple alyssum

5 - Cilantro
4 - Parsley
10 - Sweet basil
5 - Red Rubin basil

Everything is on the heat mat under lights and hopefully my late start will not affect anything to much. Now to wait for the excitement of those first few sprouts. I made sure to put extra seeds in each cup since I was using old seed that was at least one year old. I can never throw away old seed that might still germinate. If I had planned ahead better, I would have presprouted the seed. Instead, I will get what I get. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and get more plants than I hope. :)


Anonymous said...

I started tomatoes from seed for the first time. My plants have many leaves but stand on long, weak stems that won't fatten up for me. A visit to a greenhouse yesterday was helpful. They said I need to get a grow light, as a south facing window in the sun isn't sufficient light for them, so they are always reaching up and out for more light. That made sense. As for old seed, I planted some old peas and only a few ever germinated. I think it is time to throw the old seeds away.

Peggy said...

I don't use an expensive set up for my seed starting. I found flourescent shop lights on sale and use one cool and one warm bulb per fixture. I have used 2 cool bulbs also and this has worked fine. I keep the lights just above the plants. Good luck!