Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday Bill and Lauren and I went to a couple of plant sales. I love plant sales because you can ususally get some good plants for next to nothing. I bought one Frances Williams hosta, one Elija Blue hosta, one unnamed hosta, and a yellow yarrow. Bill got me two Globe Flowers (trollius chinensis) "Golden Queen", two Asiatic Lillies "Monte Negro" which is a beautiful burgundy red, and one clematis "Ville de Lyon". We planted all of them today along with my shade window box full of impatiens, and two troughs of assorted plants that I had left over for by Bill's shed. I have to "girl-ify" it. We also transplanted bee balm (Monarda) and Shasta Daisy "Alaska". A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
I had to replant one Parade cucumber. Something lopped off my newly planted plant. Bunnies, anyone?
I still have a ton of things to plant....
A mole is running through my newly planted flower bed under our Blue Spruce tree that Bill trimmed up. Bill put our two traps today. I noticed that the mole was also running throught my raised bed of peppers also. Darn thing!

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