Sunday, August 31, 2008

We dug potatoes and picked peppers, tomatoes, and raspberries today.
Some of the potatoes were huge. Bill and Lauren and her friend, Bree, were the potato diggers. The girls had a blast. It is amazing how excited kids get about the garden. They were hunting furiously for the next potato. After they found them, they would say what it looked like. We had a V, a gun, and minuscule potatoes (one held by Lauren). I love to see kids getting dirty in the garden! All in all, we got a 5 gallon bucket plus close to another half of one from the garden this year. The potatoes did not do very well in the beginning of the year, so we were very happy with what we got.
I picked peppers to make some mild pepper rings for Bill. They are one of his favorites. Lots of tomatoes coming too. We will need to can again...
The fall crop of raspberries is well on its way. The bees really like them also. With all of the talk about Colony Collapse Disorder, it is good to see so many. However, I must admit that we see more bumblebee types than honeybees on these. The honeybees like the blooms on the pumpkins and cucumbers better.
The girls were then playing pilgrims and "gathering crops for winter". They had a great time with some of the large zucchini, old lettuces and radishes, a couple baby pumpkins, and too large green and wax beans. Soon, we had a number of neighborhood kids over all playing with the vegetables. Bill built a fire and they "cooked" their recipes and concoctions. They played well past dark... Great fun!!

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